Evil dead virtual nightmare

Evil Dead Virtual Nightmare Review


When you hear the words Evil Dead you are instantly reminded of the cult classic from 1981 that forever changed the horror was perceived in people’s eyes. The movie inspired a cult following and countless spin-off, including video games.

Evil dead virtual nightmare 2

Just like in the movie, players will find themselves in an isolated cabin in the deep woods. You then find an ancient tome which summons an unspeakable force of evil that threatens to savagely slaughter you, trapping you in the cabin and forcing you to defend yourself against the hordes of demons.

The gameplay itself is a tower defence mixed with a shooter. You have a rich arsenal at your disposal – guns, rifles, crossbows, and axes, that you can collect and upgrade to help you survive. There is a mechanic that allows you to upgrade your homestead and try to stave off the demon onslaught for a little while.
Every level or wave will be followed by the player going head to head with a Boss. These can be a bit tricky to beat on a more difficult level as you will need certain upgrades like charms and spells to get an edge.

While the game is fun to play, the graphics are slightly subpar. Whether its from the platform (mobile game) or just some low budgeting from Boomdash Digital, we couldn’t be as immersed as we wanted to. Every time you spin the headset around to take a look around the room you notice slight fragmentation of the pixels. As well as the background geometry, some of the monsters have seemingly sloppy and uninspired designs. How many zombie type enemies can we get before we get bored of the overplayed trope.

At $3.99, it’s certainly worth picking up this homage to the Evil Dead series. It doesn’t stand out with anything special but it does deliver the desired endless runner vibe.

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