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Job Simulator Gameplay Review on Oculus Quest

The year is 2050 and robots have replaced all human jobs!

This is how this peculiar game called Job Simulator started. Developed by Owlchemy Labs, this VR game takes you to the near future to participate in various virtual work scenarios.

So grab your headset and touch controllers, and get ready to assume your role as the only human among a lot of robots, because this title is now available on the Oculus Quest!

Working was never as fun as in Job Simulator

Originally launched for the Oculus Rift, it was released for the Quest on May 21, 2019. This game is a good example of the interactivity that the VR can achieve since with your movements in real life the character will simulate a workday.

Yes! Players can live the wonderful days of work being a gourmet chef, an office worker, a convenience store clerk or a mechanic, but with a very fun and immersive twist that you will undoubtedly enjoy.

It is a wonderful game, which is basically a set of mini-games linked with a strange sense of humor and cute robots, and while the game is not visually pretensions and requires some space to play, the truth is that it is very funny and runs perfectly.

This VR version of Job Simulator is quite different from the first for Oculus Rift and PSVR, the tracking and room scale have improved positively and there are also some changes that seem to take advantage of the new level of freedom of the Quest.

Besides, if you are new to VR you should definitely give it a shot! You can learn how to manipulate objects in the environment, how to perform simple and more complex tasks, and above all, get used to the camera movement inside the game to avoid motion sickness.

Now that we know what the game is all about, let’s know in detail each of the four not-so historically accurate representations of work-life:

Be an office cubicle worker

Spend a whole day in the shoes and tie of a very busy office worker. You will be trapped inside a cubicle in a busy space full of work and robots that need your help to fulfill certain tasks, which will depend on your position.

You can perform typical activities such as eating donuts and snacks, drinking coffee, making copies, writing reports and greeting cards, answering phones and above all, completing the tasks that will appear on the floating board.

Prepare any type of meal

Have you ever dreamed of being a professional chef overnight? Well, this is the closest way to achieve it! Just put on your Oculus Quest and start cooking like when it was a human task.

Prepare delicious sandwiches and salads, and cook up steak, soup or everything you can think of, but be careful, don’t let anything burn! Unless you want to make a complete mess, which you can also do here if you want!

Test your skills as a mechanic

Changing various tires and colored oils, repairing a damaged engine, decorating a car or score a basket with empty pots in a bin from a distance are some of the activities you can do as a mechanic in Job Simulator.

Besides, thanks to the touch controllers you can complete all these tasks and actions in a magnificent and immersive way that will show you how amazing the VR is.

Charm your customers

As a convenience store clerk, you must perform several activities at the same time, such as using a cash register, charming your customers, organizing and testing products, as well as preparing hot dogs and drinks.

Oh! And stay on your toes with potential thieves who can break into your store, and watch out those cravings for the delicious products of the store. Don’t get caught, human!

Infinite Overtime Mode

Do you love this game but feel that the day does not have enough hours? Do you think you can complete more tasks if you had more time? Well, the Infinite Overtime Mode on the Oculus Quest is totally for you!

Use your hands to stack, throw, manipulate, and smash objects or eat and drink food for all eternity if you wish… or for a longer time than usual with this never-ending night shift. Do you think you can handle it?

Spectator Mode

In addition to these four types of work, the game also has two new modalities, one of which is the Spectator Mode, a useful way to allow viewers to experience this title.

You just have to click on the camera at the bottom left of the window or double-click the grip button on the controller to swap cameras! It’s a piece of cake! Besides, you can swap three different cameras with different perspective, including the first-person.

Twitch Chat In-Game

As part of a new update, Owlchemy Labs added a new feature to Job Simulator, its twitch chat in-game! All this to make virtual reality a more sociable world! Isn’t it fantastic?

Right now, players can comment in real time all the activities they are doing, the progress they have made or the mess they have caused while playing. That is, with this update, streamers can react live to their viewers when broadcasting the gameplay.

But why did the developers decide to create these two modalities? It’s simple! This is Owlchemy Labs’ answer about it:

Those who have tried high end VR know and understand how insanely amazing it is to be inside of a VR experience, but those stuck in the world of 2D monitors don’t quite yet understand“.

That is why they developed these modes. They wanted to share a sample of this magnificent virtual experience and thus convince the viewers to immerse themselves in this world through the Oculus Quest or any other VR console.

Vacation Simulator

In addition to the release of Job Simulator on the Quest, Owlchemy Labs hopes to launch Vacation Simulator for this wireless console, later this year for holiday 2019. You’ve got to put in the JOB to earn your VACATION, Human!

This is another cute and funny experience you must try. Start by customizing a virtual YOU to take perfect selfies, interact with colorful Bots, splash in the silicon sea, and reach new heights and knitting mittens for a snowhuman!

As a final touch, they also include another amazing thing, subtitles! These subtitles are both functional and playful, because no matter where you look, they are always visible!

Besides, they have also included multiple language support for subtitles, including English, German, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, and the use-it-at-your-own-risk language of Binary.

This is a rough approximation of VACATION inspired in human vacations, so get ready to relax and have a lot of fun! But remember, you must return to work soon, human!

Although Job Simulator may seem like a very simple game, it give you the ability to perform semi-realistic tasks, and it helps you develop your hand skill by grabbing objects and reacting with the job world around you.

Perhaps it is not the longest game, but this is truly one of the best VR experiences you will play and show to your friends on the Oculus Quest since it really takes you away from the real world and immerses you in VR. Will you give it a shot?


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