Ocean rift review 2

Ocean Rift Review

With the Worldwide release of Oculus Go, the more practical little brother of the revolutionary Oculus VR, a sleuth of new games have also emerged.


Ocean Rift is the first fully immersive underwater adventure that has ever been developed. It’s very similar to a virtual museum, except underwater and the cute manatees and scary sharks are frolicking in front of you. What grabs the eye right from the start are the amazing graphics and ease of control. The developers did an amazing job bringing the beauty of being Underwater while chilling in your living room. Thanks to the new and improved Oculus headset, gone are the necessary cables. Players are free to turn around and explore the virtual ocean without immersion ruining paraphilia.
Oculus Go was built on the back of its predecessor, the Oculus, and the years of development have given fruit. Ocean Rift has some of the best graphics we’ve seen in a VR game in a long time. Don’t get us wrong, we knew that the animals weren’t real, but we must admit that we jumped a few times when a sea critter bumped against the visor.

Ocean rift review


Nice Graphics that take advantage of the powerful hardware.
Ease of use that makes the game accessible for most age groups.
Relaxing and calming atmosphere.


Some animals are more rendered than others. This isn’t a big deal but once in a while you may see a creature model that is just slightly less detailed than the rest. That’s to be expected and it’s not a big deal.
Gets boring after a while. This isn’t due to it being a bad game but rather it’s due to the fact that it’s a simulator.


Coming up at $9.99, Ocean Rift is worth picking up. The graphics are immersive good; the controls are intuitive; and the hardware can run the game smoothly. It’s also good to consider that Ocean Rift is a nice change of pace from the usual ‘action packed’ games that we are all accustomed to hearing about. It is a nice relaxing game suitable for the entire family.

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