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How to launch Oculus Quest on TV?

Do you want to project the image of Oculus Quest to a TV, with simple steps we can achieve that goal, this option is a good idea if you have a meeting with friends at home, so viewers can see with all the environment in which the user interacts.

In addition to this, these options are also valid for projecting the image in a video-bin, to make the screen even bigger, like a cinema.

With another device like the oculus rift if the user’s image can be projected on the monitor, but as the oculus quest is a separate device, it must be connected via wifi.

How do I set up Oculus Quest for TV?

The steps are very simple. Here you can find information that will be useful to learn how to use your Oculus for Tv.

Here are the small steps for launching Oculus Quest for TV:

Where to start?

ChromeCast is a platform that allows Oculus Quest to share a completely virtual experience. It allows you to share your video games with friends and family. To start the fun, follow these steps:

-Install the Oculus App. Available on IOS and Android.

-Go to the app, open it and you’ll see the “Cast” icon commonly called that way. It is located at the top-right (right next to the bell sign).

-Select the Oculus Quest. (All the services that Oculus Supports will be shown to you in that list.)

-Select the Chromecast service you selected from the “Cast-To” or “Link” menu.

-Finally, select the “Start” button.

-Once connected, Oculus Quest will easily link to your TV through the Chrome Cast platform. Note that some -applications block linking, but most as Beat Saber supports them.

How do I start broadcasting from Oculus Quest?

Once your Oculus Quest is running on version 10.0 (or older) you can start linking games directly from your Virtual Reality case. You don’t need your phone to enter Chromecast or ChromeCast TV. If you want to start the broadcast follow these steps:

-Go to the Menu or the Oculus Quest home screen in your VR helmet.

-Select the “Sharing” option.

-Select “Broadcast” or “Cast”.

-Select the service you wish to broadcast.

-Select “Follow” or “Next”.

-Depending on the service you are transmitting to, select “Start Casting” or “Start Linking” on your device.

-Link Oculus Quest for Phone

-If you only thought the Oculus Quest could only be linked to television, you’re wrong! You can also choose to link it through your phone. This is a good option if you don’t have a ChromeCast service supported by your TV.

-The steps for linking are the same as for TV. Simply select “This Phone” (To link) instead of a ChromeCast service. The more specific steps for completing the pairing are as follows:

-Open the Oculus application on your phone.

-Select the Linking icon located at the top-right. (Next to the bell sign).

-Select your Oculus Quest (All supported services will be displayed as well).

-Select the “This phone” option in the “Link to”.

-Finally, select “Start”.

To transmit what the user is viewing, both devices (the TV or projector and the oculus quest) must be connected to a wifi connection.

Which programs can launch oculus on the TV?

Since the console is quite new, few applications can be used to project the image from the oculus quest, ChromeCast is one of the best.

It is also the most recommended one if you want to project the image of the oculus quest, this is because the app comes from Google, a search engine that is used by the vast majority of SmartsTV.

When making a purchase, ChromeCast comes as a dish with an HDMI connection, usually using the wifi connection, but there are also projection devices that connect via Bluetooth.

The most famous programs to launch the oculus quest on a TV are ChromeCast and Nvidia Shield TV.

These can cost between 30 and 70 dollars, which is quite cheap as it is a good quality device.

Does it cause any problems to broadcast for a long time?

When you connect the oculus quest to your TV via wifi, it will not present a major problem, but you must make sure that the battery is well charged.

If it is below 50%, we can assure you that you will have a slower performance of the device, a negative point of this also is that the oculus could heat up.

The idea is to use it very charged and yes, you can play without having any performance problems if you regulate the transmission time.

When you connect the device to a Smart TV to project the image, the audio will also be transmitted by the TV, this sound can have a delay of several seconds.

It is recommended that for the user’s convenience, viewers reduce the volume of the TV.

Transmit latency?

Like all the vast majority of devices that connect via wifi, the latency can be quite frustrating on the basis, but yes, if there is a very bad Internet connection do not expect great results.

A good solution to avoid the latency can be disconnecting the devices that are connected to the wifi but nobody uses them.

Rebooting the modem is also a solution, but after that, it is recommended to follow the step said before, this, will improve our connection notably and will eliminate completely or in its great majority to the latency.

A bad image may be mistaken for latency, but if the image is not very good you simply have to get much closer to the router or signal provider.

How do I transmit the Oculus Quest to my TV in good quality?

Transmitting to a TV or projector is easy, you just have to follow the steps carefully, as they are arranged, and in a few minutes, you will be able to launch the Oculus Quest to the TV.

But most of all the sound quality is being affected by the connectivity the device may have. If your internet connection is slow, don’t even worry about connecting the device.

But why? It’s just that one of the two most common cases is going to happen, either the image will not be able to be projected on the TV, or if it is, the resolution can be very low,

But not only the resolution of the image, in addition to this, the sound is also affected, although the oculus quest has some improvements thanks to the experience gained in the oculus go, it still lacks much more.

A good image projection is based on the connectivity, as we mentioned before, more than anything you should be very attentive to the devices that are connected to the router.

In addition to this, if an image is projected in low quality, the device tends to maintain a bad re4ndimiento, because it fails to maintain a stable connection, making an extra effort.

Thus generating an overheating of the display, this is in the worst-case scenario of course.

Which device should I connect the TV and the Oculus Quest too?

Well, we know the most complicated steps of the installation and also, we know the precautions to have the device, but then what is the best device to use.

Today, there are only 3 devices that can successfully launch an image to a TV, these are google ChromeCast, Nvidia Shield tv, and ChromeCast Ultra.

All are good and maintain the same characteristics of the protector, all work with recognized applications like Android TV, this allows a better link between VR devices, especially oculus devices.

The features are its greatest attraction since it outperforms by far the other 2 image projectors, ChromeCast Ultra is the app that fits like a glove on the oculus quest device

Since this keeps the image projection in ultra HD 4K, and generates great support to the oculus go device because it is a device that tries to reduce the great expense of the performance of the oculus quest.

Most of all, the ChromeCast Ultra is a device that can project any Smart that can project an image and is linkable via wifi.

The TV broadcast is usually not enough to spend a pleasant evening with friends, you can also project a movie, a news story and much more.

Before starting to play, check that the sound of the TV is at a low level and that the user wears a headset as this will not cause a sound shock.

This type of shock can be very annoying and will be an unpleasant experience for both the user and the viewers.

Project that favorite game with your friends, what are you waiting for!


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