oculus quest full body tracking

Oculus Quest Full Body Tracking

The VR oculus quest viewer has brought a new system to enhance it. It is an accessory that is sold separately but is completely worthwhile.

Are you familiar with the Oculus Quest Full tracking system? This is a system that will free you from latency and take you to a virtual experience like you never imagined. Let’s take a closer look!

This is a project that revolutionizes the entire virtual reality, the Oculus Quest is a device that claims to this, due to its various features.

Considering its quick installation anywhere, video quality, easy understanding for any user and its oculus Insight tracking system make the device a mid-range system.

In this new system, there are motion sensors that connect to your legs and arms, the sensor is made to follow your steps with exact precision, with this new technology, the user can move, jump and run.

With these new accessories, the user can have fun while exercising, the Oculus Quest is free of annoying wiring, without connections.

The development of the oculus device has reached the point where you are no longer dependent on a smartphone or PC but are completely independent.

Antilatency’s team offers this new technology

This equipment was presented by the Antilatency company they are sensors that can be connected to wrist bands and ankle bracelets, to whatever you want.

When you connect the device, put it on, you can run and move freely with it, but it is recommended that they are placed in a fabric that is safe for the sensor.

These small sensors are very small and quite delicate, be very careful if they fall, as they can be easily misplaced.

This technology is not yet fully developed, this is new, but to start with, you can’t count on so many interactions, for example, stairs can’t be climbed.

In itself, some things really will not be able to be done, and if in such a case if it is developed, this interaction could not be in its totality, this example can be applied with the stairs, can you scale something that does not exist?

Do you still not feel confident with the tracking system?

Dodge hordes of spells or perform your best with the tracking system accessories, we assure you that if you are a lover of the VR experience, you will be very satisfied with a tracking system.

Get to know them better in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2Zu50vj5W4.

It demonstrates how the anti-latency system works in a full-body tracking system, these accessories are easy to find, you can find them either on the same page of the Antilatency team.

The anti-latency tracking system can be of any software as it is independent of the equipment but the most recommended is the one from the Antilatency company, which shows how the Antilatency sensors can be coupled to the Oculus Quest without any problem.

Quest determines the position of the devices that are in your legs, feet, and arms, the oculus connects to these sensors via Bluetooth.

The result is the best virtual experience.

For easy installation, connect Oculus Quest to your Smartphone, it will run a program on Google Play and the fun starts when you want it to.

The complete tracking system is something that will soon be implemented in all virtual reality viewers, taking this into account, we are more than sure that in 1 year or less, the oculus rift could already be considered an obsolete device.

Antilatency and its VR tracking technology

The Antilatency system is perfected to work exclusively with wireless VR technology, devices such as the oculus go and oculus quest are the most recommended to use.

Devices such as the oculus rift or oculus rift S are not compatible with this new technology since they are devices that depend on a wireless connection, being almost impossible to move freely

For long hours of play, there is no need to worry, no, you will not suffer from those annoying back or neck pains, Oculus Quest has a unique quality, comfort, play for long uninterrupted hours, do not worry.

This device can generate the least weight, being almost imperceptible once you put the visor, this because that is the purpose of the design.

But when you order the complete kit, what products do you bring?

Its installation is easy, but it is recommended that you decide on an area to use the Antilatency system because, besides the sensors, there is much more.

The equipment should arrive with the following products:

– 28 pads to be placed on the floor

– A socket for connecting the USB

– The complete monitoring team should be established in one area, this area contains

-4 reference bars with sensors.

-4 connection bars.

-A power supplier.

-One power source.

How should the anti-latency device for the Oculus Quest be installed?

As a rule, the reference bars should be placed on the floor, making a kind of square, each end of which should be connected to the other.

The connectors are going to join the reference bars, the objective is not to create an exact square, the objective is to create an area to be able to play freely.

The least worry is to have a wire similar to the one in the nearest outlet, these are not found with the equipment.

As a next step, we must cover all the tracking area with the mats, one of these connections will be a little outside of it, that’s where we will attach the power connector.

If you want a much more expansive area, another kit can be placed to create a much larger space, where up to 2 users can play.

When connecting it we have to use the AntilatencyService application, this can be connected through Windows or Android, simply download the app and run it only once.

After that, it is not necessary to run it again, as the app is loaded both in the oculus and in the kit.

In its installation for Windows, you need at least the Windows 10 version, you just have to run the installer and the program is ready to link with the oculus quest.

For both versions (Windows and Android) the application has instructions to understand the gameplay of the device.

We recommend that this installation is done on a PC, as it is very complicated to install on android devices, since you have to use a series of commands, and it is also more complicated to install it.

If there is any problem with the installation of the device, you can report the error on the support page of the company, they will help you finish with the installation.

After the installation, place one of the sensors in the VR display, this is the one that will show you a space delimitation.

Can the user hit himself using the full tracking system?

Generally, this is one of the biggest fears of the user, but there is nothing to worry about, it is more than safe that when you put the visor, you stop perceiving what happens around you.

But the oculus quest has two options to avoid some of these annoying accidents, the first solution and by default, is usually the guardian, this is an application that is already installed on the viewer once we buy it.

This is based on letting you know where you can hit, this is thanks to the different external cameras that are in the oculus and gives you an alert when it is very close to an object.

The Guardian creates a red dot that will get stronger and bigger as you get closer to the wall.

To configure it you must first choose the area where you will play, the app will determine if it can be used or not.

When using the full body tracking system, the mats also protect the user, creating a kind of picture where the activity takes place.

The installation of this device does not require any certified personnel, at the time of purchase, you will also be sent a package of instructions so you can quickly install the kit.

The playing area can extend up to 200 meters, as mentioned above, the best recommendation is to determine a room to place the system and keep it there.

Using the full tracking system is a maximum VR experience.

Besides using an HD image, and a lot of games for the user to have fun, you can place this new technology, the complete tracking system will change all your expectations of what the VR system is based on.

All this determines a single result, a system that will not have any delay with the user, the movements will be made in real time and thus improve much more the experience of a viewer.

If you wish, you can play with an endless multiplayer mode, where all your friends can have fun together from their homes.

In the future, long distances can be covered with the help of the mats, but first, the connection between each of them must be improved.


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