Red Matter_ Gameplay Review

Red matter: Oculus Quest Review

Red Matter game emphasizes the experience and design. It places the immersion in an excellent way. It is a virtual reality game that becomes a narrative and puzzle adventure. Its plot and its technical section make it genuinely incredible.

Now you can have this game in Oculus Quest. Usually, when this happens with a game, we can’t find everything we like from its original version and we are disappointed in the images and performance. But in the case of Red Matter, we can say exactly the opposite.

Therefore, the developer of Vertical Robot has proven to have done an excellent work because it has been able to retain the graphics of the game.

We talk about Red Matter for Oculus Quest

Red Matter is a puzzle game that is played in the first person. There, you are sent to an abandoned facility and you will find yourself in the middle of a Cold War of a science fiction nature. You will reach a sterile and lifeless planet.

It will take approximately one hour to tour the expanding complex. There, you will solve puzzles that are based on logic and you will discover more about what happened in that place. This will be a game that may seem strict and focused, but it is that aspect that makes it unique, that great commitment to immersion.

In the version for PC, Vertical Robot included some images that impress, but the Oculus Quest version promises to retain an excellent degree of visual delicacy of its original version.

It has been achieved using modified versions, and it is there where optimizations can be appreciated. Specially, for mobile devices that include corrected reflections as well as multiple points of light to glass refraction. At that time, we will analyze Red Matter for Oculus Quest.

The Argument of Red Matter for Oculus Quest

In this game of Oculus Quest, you will enjoy a story of espionage and science fiction in which you get into the character of Agent Épsilon. He is in charge of infiltrating the base of the non-Soviet Union but for another side the no- Western. He has a great particularity: he is on a moon of Saturn.

Undoubtedly, it is a great argument because it offers a lot of mystery from the first moment. And of course, it has its script twists that are specific to science fiction. It makes this adventure extremely enjoyable to find clues that you will see from the beginning, creating a story that is not only coherent, but very exciting.

This very interesting argument makes us realize the many successes that Red Matter. For example, it makes several spatial references of the former USSR. From the beginning of the game you can notice that Soviet communism has reached that place where no other human being had stepped before.

Volgravia Place

At that time, you will meet Volgravia, an invented country. Nevertheless, without a doubt, this place has socialist characteristics. The planet gives us many details, and your curiosity will be growing when you find yourself with structures in ruins that will make you imagine how It could have been in another time.

The puzzles will make you possible to continue advancing the story, turning Red Matter also into an exploratory style videogame. You go with the character to every corner within the space station that we already know will be in the retro-future of the Saturn’s outer moon: Rhea.

Thus, it is a game of narrative style in which the agent tries to get some documents of vital importance.

Red Matter Game form

Red Matter shows us how Épsilon makes use of some tools with a control shape, making this character can recreate all the gestures that the player makes in the command, all this thanks to the sensors of the buttons and their pulsations. In the case of the left control, it serves to access tools such as flashlight, claw hand and the screen or translator and the right hand has a kind of claw to take the objects and also serves for propulsion. The inventory of the left hand can be done with the stick, so if the free movement is activated it can be started by pressing the Grip button on the controls, which makes it very interesting, a system that although we may find furious works quite Good because fast movements are not required.

Analyzing these functions I can tell you that this jump function is more comfortable and interesting than teleportation because it gives the feeling that you are in zero gravity, and if we play with devices that do not have cables ourselves we can be walking physically if it occurs in case that we should walk a few meters instead of using the buttons, this increases the immersion more and you will find it fascinating.

In this sense we can have movements of medium space jumps and also we can then with more virtual hands replicate real hands when grabbing the Touch controllers. You will feel with each interaction that this carries the expected weight and nothing ruins its authenticity.


Regardless of the platform you are in, Red Matter will always be an excellent option, but the Quest version is unique thanks to its excellent presentation, so it is easy to recommend it to you, so we congratulate Vertical Robot for that.

The design of the game remains, but the graphics are impressive and great and are so particular that I can assure you that it looks just as good in Oculus Quest as in PSVR, with details that you probably have not seen in any other game, such as a special system lighting for when you are scanning something, users can see how the laser is reflected on several surfaces very realistically. Even, in some of the rooms we will notice how the lighting of the windows will melt on the floor in a very convincing way, moving with you through the room.

Perhaps in the launches of its previous platforms, Red Matter may not have been the game that has stood out the most by distinguishing itself visually, but the fact of staying in Quest makes us consider it a great feat.

We have been able to see how they have been able to maintain the clear textures being that faithful even for the PC VR version, and

Another aspect of the design that is also worth highlighting is the quality of the texture, you will see a finish almost identical to that of PAVR, which makes Red Matter in the Oculus Quest game with better graphics, everything is very well done in these Scenes with a considerable size that is impressive.

So if there is something that is worth applauding is that it is such a surprising part of Oculus Quest, that we can even say that it surpasses Robo Recall, because it does not look as good as on PC as Red Matter.

All this has been possible thanks to all the optimization techniques used in addition to some resolution cuts. In the center of the game we will see everything with maximum resolution while on the edges, we will see them somewhat pixelated, because all our attention will always be in the center of the screen, so this of the edges does not bother at all.

Sound level

Red Matter is still spectacular at the sound level, in fact, it has a very good dubbing in Spanish, something that we infinitely appreciate that it has been dubbed into Spanish. A soundtrack that looks great, and great sound effects, a section that has no surprises or modification, is still just as good.

The sound effects can be said that they are very well worked, that they are very much in line with the script. Eduardo de la Iglesia has been the one who created and composed the soundtrack, which we can say has been perfect for this game because he feels in some Soviet moments and in other epic moments.

On the other hand we applaud what music help us to move with that sound that lets you bring to the focus of what really matters in this game.


Of all the porst that we liked Oculus Quest, we can say that it is Red Matter that has surprised us the most because everything looks in a very similar way managing to maintain a technical section of excellent level in a mobile device.

So Red Matter has come to surprise us all not only as the game with the best Oculus Quest graphics but as the best one for a device to date. So we urge you to bet on this game, because it maintains its highest quality and remains wonderful.

If you love science fiction, if you have had a certain interest in learning about the retro cosmological vision of the USSR and also enjoy details and its music then this game is for you, and more if you like puzzles that tell stories. So we congratulate the study of Vertical Robot for this excellent bet and Oculus for maintaining excellence.

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