Astraeus Review

What is Astraeus?

Astraeus is a real-time strategy game for the asteroid virtual reality mining, a fast, easy to learn and dominant game. Build a mining network from lots of basics and view numbers of ships surround you with a fantastic light’s network.
Soon, many companies will work in the asteroid belt, fighting for their part of the greatest gold race in history. Your task is to control many mining drones, build a network of roots and outperform the fight, or smash them.
In Astraeus, you play the role of an AI that awoke in a control ship in asteroid mining after the leader’s departure. Fill the deceased captain now, take orders to fulfill very significant mining tasks, which requires you to build a network of many of the bases and orders to thousands of exploration platforms to try to break the market or eliminate the fight.

What you can do?

You can build potential plants, mines, mills or cannons. You require energy for everything. In addition, you must possess power plants to export drones to get more positions.
There is a need for mine to collect resources. The weapons fight against other players who try to invade our regions.
However, I do not believe that weapons are very important in Astraeus. The aim is to obtain a certain number of resources. The moment you do that, you have gained the level. At that time, you learned to work in energy plants, in facilities, and in mines.
There is a lovely sound in Astraeus that can sometimes be fun. the last captain’s skeleton is a little shocked to look at. Astraeus needs some fast thought to win. The music is great, and the graphics are clean in virtual reality. The controls work well and are easy to locate asteroids in Astraeus. I wish to attend other games similar to Astraeus soon.

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