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Augmented Empire Review

Just when you start thinking there aren’t any good games to play, out comes Augmented Empire for VR and you are hooked.

Players of the XCOM series will be familiar with the gameplay style; Augmented Empire features the same turn based and grid oriented combat. Immediately, it’s very easy to get hooked with its simplicity and alluringly easy but hard to master combat. For the most part you will have an overhead or Eagle view of the combat area. This helps you visualize and keep track of units on the grid. This is a handy idea but a bit limiting for VR. We also experienced some neck strain while playing which only got worse the more we played (we played a lot). We suggest laying down on the couch and playing with a controller if possible.

The story of Augmented empire revolves around the far-away island of Savannah where people are split into classes. The noble class live better in riches and health while the middle and lower class are constantly oppressed by political and stigmatising rule.
You play as Willa, a scrappy and smart girl who’s dedicated her life to scampering up the social ladder in order to have a better life. Unfortunately, the reality of the political situation of the island hits her as soon as she reaches her goal and her priority shifts to helping those in need.

The game and graphics are gorgeous. The developers don’t take full advantage of the power of VR headsets but we can let it pass as long as the game is good. The characters, story and music are well thought out, undeniably because Coatskin have a team of good game devs working for them.
Lets hope this one sells well because we can’t wait for the sequel.

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