Beat Saber On Oculus Go

Beat saber happens to be a VR rhythm game launch to Early Access in May 2018. It requires users to slash the beats of adrenaline pumping music as they fly towards you.

It gained a massive following ever since its release due to its fast paced game play, it’s amazing soundtrack and its graphics. So, basically in this game the goal is to slash all the beats as they come towards you.

Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. The main objective is to make the user dance as they move around to avoid obstacle and cut the beats. The game gives an exciting experiences as with each beat you will hear an amazing sound effect and see vibrant visuals.

Key Features of Beat Saber On Oculus Go

  • Gives a Great Gaming Feel

Beat Saber gives a satisfying effect when beat blocks are cut with an emergent perception of rhythm. You will required to cut these cubes with lightening saber.

  • Handcrafted Levels

It combines handcrafted levels and soundtrack which is made to pay emphasis on the music rhythm. The results and the feel cannot be compared to other games once played.

  • Game Accessibility

It offers a simple flow of instructions to be followed which a four year old can also understand. It can be played in just a few seconds. Due to its simplicity and accessibility it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

  • Amazing Soundtrack

It comes with an amazing soundtrack which the user enjoys as the rhythms change accordingly to the saber cuts and obstacles which come in the users way. This experience will want you to stay hooked on the game for a very long time. Beat saber on Oculus Go comes in a single user mode. It consists of the following digital content with soundtrack from the following artists.

• Imagine Dragon “whatever it takes”

• Feint “ We won’t be alone (feat Laura Brehm)

• Imagine Dragon “warriors”

• Panic! At the disco “Victorious”

• Tristan “till it’s over”

• Imagine Dragons “Thunder”

• Kayzo “This time”

• Panic! At the disco “The Greatest Show”

• Stonebak “stronger”

• Rogue “ rattlesnake”

• Imagine Dragon “Radioactive”

• RIOT “Over Kill”

• Imagine Dragon “Natural”

• Imagine Dragon “Machine”

• Imagine Dragon “It’s time”

• Panic! At the disco “High Hopes”

• Muzzy-“Feeling stronger”

• Tokyo machine “EPIC”

• Panic! At the disco- “Emperor’s new Clothes”

• Pegboards Nerds “Emoji VIP”

• Aero Chord “ Boundless”

• Imagine Dragons “Digital”

• Imagine Dragons “Believer”

• Imagine Dragon “Bad Liar”

After installing Beats saber on Oculus Go, you won’t have that six degrees of freedom but you would certainly have the feel of the game. Here’s how you can get a beat saber to work on your Oculus Go:

How to Play Beat Saber On Oculus Go

  1. Install an ALVR

An ALVR is an app that allows you to stream VR Games on an Oculus Go headset, so get that working first then launch a beat saber trough the steam. Move on to the next step.

2. Quit using Steam VR Beta

Steam VR consists of videos, audio, tracking with performance setting options. It also includes a home area where you can be while switching games. however, in order to play beat saber on your Oculus Go you would required to opt out of it as it doesn’t allow you to use motion controllers.

3. Click on “No Fail” from Beat Saber Menu

Clicking on “no fail” will allow you to not lose and duck out of the way of obstacles. If you don’t do than you might lose and winning for you would be impossible as you won’t be able to hit all the block.

4. Select “One Saber” from the Beat Saber Menu

Before you start the game, make sure to hit the single saber option because you would only have one Go motion controller.

Benefits of Beat Saber on Oculus Go

Beat Saber on Oculus Go not only offers entertainment but can also be used for working out. People have been using it for cardio blast workouts to improve their health. Many are admiring this new engaging way of working out which is helping them lose a couple of pounds while they enjoy doing it.

Beat saber’s help people to tone their abs and lose weight from their core as they engage in fast body movement by slicing musical blocks. Some occasional squats with a complete torso movement also get incorporated as they move side to side to avoid obstacles. The movement is restricted as the headset doesn’t come with a software which allows movement across the hall. But these restricted movement are enough to lose a sufficient amount of calories. So, basically you move in controlled position, increasing your heart rate that tends to tone your overall body.

If anyone is seeking an intense workout experience with an amazing soundtrack and gaming combined then this is the best gaming option for them. With its various modes that take on different levels from easy, normal, hard and expert you can enjoy your VR gaming and get health benefits both.

Beat saber on Oculus Go Intensity

A lot of people get confused when they hear exercise benefits from a gaming app. Let’s remove this confusion. So, how can a gaming app shed weight? beat saber when launched starts by throwing cubes towards you. These cubes are meant to be slashed with the essence of certain beats. You are meant to hit them and score.

The more cubes you hit the more you score. The more you score the more you increase the intensity of your upper body movement. Some obstacles are also there which you have to avoid, this adds up to torso movement as you move in a lateral position. This further burns calories. Beat saber therefore, can be used for blast workouts, warm ups, cardio or conditioning exercises.

A 35 min beat saber workout will be enough to leave you sweating.

Arms workout through Beat Saber Oculus Go

It’s quite obvious how it can quickly tone your arms as you use them to slash the cubes. It offers a complete arm workout which reduces arms fat and tones muscles. With coordinated movements of you chest, arms and shoulders you are required to slash the directional cubes. So, it offers a great workout for your arms as these cubes come from different sides left, right , up and down.

Legs Workout Through Beat Saber Oculus Go

Legs get toned up with regular squat movements due to walls which come streaming from al directions. The walls coming from low sides will push you down in a squat and the ones coming from the sides will keep you from being hit. It will definitely eave your legs burning with leaner calf muscles and burning thighs.

Core and Balance Through Beat Saber Oculus Go

Your core gets engaged whenever you do a squat to avoid obstacles or slash cubes. This aids in tightening your abs and improving balance. This further helps in improving posture and preventing back pain. It will also test your coordination and balance.

Overall Fitness Through Beat Saber Oculus Go

By playing Beat Saber people can indulge themselves in a proper cardio workout. The game will have its users moving form side to side, moving up and down and we can’t forget the squats. It will leave you sweating in now time if played for a long interval. In order to gain maximum health benefits from it, engage yourself fully in hard or expert levels which offer more intensifying experiences.

For cardiovascular exercises, beat saber is the best option. By highlights the impact of skill on its users as well. Players can make the game more tensed by upgrading on higher levels. The higher the level the more intense the workout and the game.

Rhythm games are being made from a long time, its not something new. But Beat saber played offers an extraordinary experience. People love it to all extends and since this exercising perk got famous they have driven towards it more. It has brought an upper body dance revolution in the VR world. It leaves you addicted as it gives a new way for you to listen music along with a new language for your body.

Final Thoughts

Beat saber success has been remarkable ever since it came into being. Even with its limitations specially an impulsive hardware with less market penetration, it could have never worked on a VR platform. Its amazing how it tricks your mind and forces it to respond all the different graphical items coming your way. It helps your mind to control your body movements better that too in a coordinated way. Beat saber truly stands out form all gaming experiences Oculus Go VR headset has to offer.


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