Catan VR Review

Settlers of Catan for VR – now that’s something that we didn’t expect to see.
Catan is an old and beloved table top games that virtually any gamer (and many game muggles) knows. You put tiles on a map and settle the world. The player with the most points wins. Fun!

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Catan as a VR Game

There has been a digital version of the game for the PC and Laptops, as well as a digital version on Steam as part of the Table top Simulator. So it’s not something new and ground-breaking. However, the VR version left us pleasantly surprised.
When you first put the Oculus Go headset on and launch the game, you are transported to what seems like the island of Catan. Then you notice an elephant moving in the distance and the huge tropical sun shining brightly in the distance. There is a tropical bird singing somewhere in the distance and you can hear the wind blowing through your headset. So far so good. Then you become aware that there are 3 other people (if you are playing multiplayer) sitting around a table across from you. In the centre of the table is the Catan board game. So, you are playing Catan on the island of Catan. Now that’s dedication to detail.

The game itself hasn’t been changed. It doesn’t have to be changed, in our honest opinion. Catan is a classic strategy game that is fun for all ages. What really sells the idea of Catan VR is, surprisingly, the VR. We were sceptical when we first heard that there will be a VR version of Catan, but after getting a few games under our belts we are safe to say that the atmosphere alone is worth the money. Not to mention the multiplayer capabilities. You can match-make with your friends or strangers online. Meaning that even if you don’t have anyone around you can enjoy the classic Game Night at your own house without even going outside.

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