Daedalus Review

Have you ever heard of Daedalus? Of course you have! He’s an ingenious architect and inventor from ancient Creta. This myth is what inspired the studio named Vertical Robot to make this VR game, available on Gear VR, Oculus Go and Google Daydream.

The flight of Icar…Daedalus!

Legend has it Daedalus was the one who built the infamous Creta’s Labyrinth, demanded by King Midas. The king imprisoned him, afraid he’d share the secrets of the labyrinth with the rest of the world, so Daedalus resorts to visiting various labyrinths in his dreams, and that’s the whole plot of this game. It seems as if it was added solely for the game to have any plot at all, but it doesn’t seem to bother players, as Daedalus is easily one of the most popular VR games.

In this game, you need to guide Daedalus to three triangular platforms and then to the exit gate, which is unlocked when you reach all three of them. The dream-like and whimsical looks of the environment are probably due to their being supposed to represent the protagonist’s dreams, and if so, the developers did a pretty good job on that one – everything feels so abstract and surreal.

You aren’t able to walk, but you are able to fly, and you’re also a floating sphere in game, not a human; you hover around the labyrinths searching for the platforms and the exit.

Yes or no?

Even though the game officially can be played with the touchpad, it seems like it works best sitting on the swivel chair or standing and turning around to move. The controls also seem too slow on any system – even though it’s not game-breaking, it surely can get annoying after some time.

The immersion still works quite well, especially on Gear VR, despite the rather repetitive soundtracks, so if you’re looking for a slow-paced, relaxing, dream-like experience, this game is definitely for you. 8/10.

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