Overflight Review

Everyone has heard stories and legends of World War II pilot fighters and epic aerial fights. Polish studio Gamedust has made sure that we get to relive that experience in form of a VR game that landed on Oculus Go in May, 2018.

Take flight!

Overflight came out as a part of the release lineup for Oculus Go, although it existed before on other VR devices. The most prominent feature this release brought was single player campaign, although almost everyone complained that it was too short, having only three chapters that are doable in a very short period of time.

This aerial combat title, set against the backdrop of World War II, puts us in the shoes of a mercenary pilot who was given a mission to deliver a package to South America. Naturally, things have to go wrong: the package turns out to be fake documents for the fleeing Nazis. It also lets you choose between different planes – Messerschmitt, Maverick, Spitfire etc., and a couple of different maps for multiplayer, as well. After you’re done with this short story, you can challenge yourself and your friends in the online multiplayer mode.

Another thing players have been complaining about is the repetitive music and overall lack of immersion, as well as sometimes visually too intense action that causes motion sickness. The only thing everyone can agree on, though, it’s the amazing graphics the game has, especially thanks the increased clarity that Oculus Go provides.

Worth or not?

Even though Oculus Go seems to have a lot of similar dogfighting aerial simulations at the moment, this one seems like one of the better ones, at least visually, and the studio striving to provide more multiplayer content in the future certainly sounds like it’s going to become a promising title, maybe even for some competitive play; 7/10.

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