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Dead and Buried VR Review

Keep your head low and gun ready; here comes the Gunslinger.
Dead and Buried is the newest multiplayer shooter developed almost entirely by Oculus in their in-house studio. The game sees players enter an otherworldly  version of the wild west. You will be competing with three other Desperados for supremacy in an all-out-arena brawl.
The gunfights are fun. The cover system is fun. The VR works surprisingly well in giving you control over your character. In a few words: this is a good game!

The game features 5 modes:

  • Quick Draw: You stand 1 on 1 with your adversary and test your reflexes and skill.
  • Shooting Gallery: A target practice battleground.
  • Robbery: an objective based bank heist.
  • All-out shootout: your most common Wild West situation.
  • Horde: Team up with others to overcome hordes of enemies.

All the modes are fun to play, with maybe the exception of the Shooting Gallery which only serves as a tutorial area.

The real gem in the game is it’s main mechanic: physically hide behind cover and catch your enemy off guard. This means you have to physically lean back and lean out, as well as with your gun with your hands in order to shoot someone in the face. This as close to a perfect virtual reality gunfight as we’ve ever been. The added bonus is that at the end of every match you’ll find yourself sweating profusely as if you’ve been running. What a great way to combine mild exercise with thrilling combat.

The overall rating is that this game is fun! It’s just fun; we couldn’t find any problems with it or finicky controls. As soon as you learn how the cover system works and enter the mentality that you need to physically position yourself in order to be successful, you’ll realise just how well this game functions. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself on the Oculus Go.

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