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Dead Secret Circle Review

VR Dead Secret Circle arrives at all the oculus platforms.
After producing the famous mystery movie, the independent developer of Dead Secret Robot Invader was released in 2017, adding further horror to the proceedings with Dead Secret Circle. The game is now released, simultaneously reaching Oculus Rift and Oculus Go. the dead secret circle is created by hardcore supporters of traditional horror games. If you want to explore spooky places, discover an elaborate story, solve strange riddles, and run for your life from a decent killer of knives with a sinister laugh, DEAD SECRET CIRCLE is for you.

Facing 7 suspects

On this terrifying journey, you will face 7 suspects whom you will question, not only to discover who they are but also their secrets. The killer is named “the man of laughter” who seems to possess a mysterious power to affect the dreams of Gabel and other residents of the city.

You will come back

Exercising the controls from a first-person perspective, you can browse freely and find clues to solve the riddles that hinder your path, and a massive collection of hidden objects and documents. Relying on how you solve the tracks and the options you do.
Dead Secret Circle has multiple purposes for you to follow for further.

convicted condo building

This part contains some of the sturdy issues to fill in, which says: “The secret of the dead is an extensive exploration of virtual reality capabilities.” The amount of detail that drives the scene and personal development is great. The Easter eggs are the backdrop to your personality, as well as the evolution of the plot and the stories of the suspects.
After 5 years, Patricia Gable’s inquiry into a serial killer directed to a condemned condo building in eastern Chicago. There are people living on the footnote of society, very poor or very headstrong to move, and each possesses something to hide. The building almost shakes with secrets. Exceptionally, Patricia feels she was there before.

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