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Defense Grid 2 Review

Defense Grid 2 improved the virtual reality version.

The Defense Grid is the golden standard of tower protection and strategy games. A VR version increases its initial performance by acting like it a virtual view of the world of Defense Grid 2 and conveying a genuine sense of movement around it. It is one of the richest virtual reality games you wish to play. Play today! Discover why it is one of the commonly played games in Oculus Rift.

An interesting game mechanic

Defense Grid is the title of a modern defensive tower, model and rich in mechanics. For most maps, there is no predetermined path for enemies. The path is created through its turret mode, and very typical. The objective of the enemies is to strike your central heart, but instead of hurting it, the enemies steal parts of the nucleus that try to abandon the combat zone. This creates an interesting game mechanic. Instead of worrying about defeating the enemy units before they achieve their objective, you get a second chance while they try to escape. When the fugitive enemy unit falls, the main part that carries will follow the same path that the enemies use for the heart. Interestingly, if that modest package encounters another enemy, that enemy will select it up and instantly retreat. These mechanics give the game a feeling similar to that of football, but in some bizarro world, where the end zones have changed.

Addressing the enemies

there is no lack of enemy diversity in The Defense Grid. While there are foes of the cliché defense tower as the average grunt, the game gets more points for some of the unique units of its kind. It’s a great game and more than a desktop application that moved. The collectibles you should consider in the stage are a nice touch and the ability to put the camera at any usable point on the map, and suddenly being during the normal-sized work that you organize is amazing.

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