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Face your Fears Review

“Just another day in Hawkins, Indiana. October 31st. Getting ready to hand out candy. What could happen, in such an idyllic town?”, this is how the newest game Face your Fears by Turtle Rock Studios greets its visitors. What could ever go wrong?

Apparently, a lot. Face your Fears has an interesting approach to gameplay. Once you boot the game you are presented with an interactive menu that is implemented into the game. From there you will be prompted to make a choice; and then another; and then yet another. The game lets you build your own scares and fears by allowing you to make a choice. It capitalises very well on the moment of anticipation. Once you make a choice it’s not immediately evident what changed in the environment or what spooky scare lurking just underneath your bed.

Unlike other horror games like The Affected which capitalised on scaring you every second of the way, this game takes its time and lets you, the player, feel the weight of your choice.


Unfortunately the graphics aren’t anything to write about. We’ve seen every version of a scary clown and every alliteration of a murderous child in horror; when they look exactly like the model from the 5 other games this year you start to think whether developers are just re-hashing their assets.
The game is also too dark. It’s a part of the theme to have subdued light in horror, but the less you see, the less you care.

Should we buy it?

Definitely. If not for the graphics and ambiance, the player interactions are worth it. Face your Fears tries to do something that game like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories tried to do: change the game based on the player’s psychological profile. It’s still not the perfect experience, but we have to give it credit for trying.

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