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Epic Roller Coasters VR Review

The international release of the Oculus Go has brought about a soiree of new games. We’ve seen the resurgence of a new Evil Dead game and the development of the most visually stunning aqua safari VR. Now we have the most advanced Roller Coaster experience available on any virtual headset and we couldn’t be more excited.

Roller Coasters VR does something sensational for the lovers of thrills – it adds surrealistic graphics combined with the Occulus’ rendering software and the headset motion tracker sensors to re-create a realistic roller coaster experience. The added benefit is that even if you are afraid of heights you’ll be able to get on top of this ‘mountain of terror’ and experience it for yourself.


The ability of Occulus Go to handle intense graphics and motion blur does wonders for this app. The carts of the train look the same as if you were getting on a real rollercoaster. Once the tide begins, the background of the world is vivid and filled with motion. We went on several ‘rides’ from the safety of our living room and on two of those we couldn’t help but let out a squeal of excitement.


We didn’t expect the Roller Coaster VR app to have much in terms of mechanics and a battle system; it doesn’t have to have one. It is a rollercoaster after all. What it does have however, is different tracks you can go on. So you aren’t just buying a single ticket, but a “season pass” to several thrilling rides.

Overall this is just what we expected. We got to ride some scary roller coasters from the safety of our living room and we didn’t even have to stand in line. Fans of trains will definitely enjoy this and adrenaline junkies will get a cheap fix.

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