Lands end

Lands End Review

From the Ustwo Games, creators of Monument Valley¸ the acclaimed single-player puzzle game for smartphones, comes Land’s End, equally acclaimed VR adventure/puzzle game, released in 2018, and it’s everything we’ve ever hoped for!

Virtual Reality, literally

Anyone who has played Monument Valley remembers its impeccable visuals and short but sweet story. In many ways, Land’s End is similar to that experience: the visuals are just stunning, reminding of a cloudy day, surreal but still believable, and the story, although really short (doable in under an hour), is whole and well-rounded.

In this game your goal is to awaken an ancient civilization by moving along a set path – ‘rails’, if you will – and solving series of puzzles along the way, while the main focus is still set on exploration of this dream-like world.

Land’s End seems to have succeeded where most other VR games had failed – in completely immersing players and making them forget about the real world. Albeit short, it’s still memorable, and although there is no real reason to come back to it, at least in terms of progress or gameplay, such a relaxing experience is still worth reliving.

The game supports the use of controllers, but it can also be played completely ‘hands-free’, which means players control everything with their gazes, just like in Anshar Online. Another interesting mechanic is moving things with your mind – a ‘telepathic’ link between the player and the object.

Of course you should get it

Land’s End might not be the most mechanically-demanding or complex gaming experience you’ve had, but it’s definitely worth the try, especially as it is only 3$ on Oculus store, which is fairly low for VR games. Although some more levels wouldn’t hurt, such an artistic masterpiece deserves high grades: we rate it 9/10.

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