poker vr oculus go review

Poker VR Review

With the release of Oculus Go, the virtual reality market has grown even more. The international release happened a few months ago and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive for the Oculus Go headset.

One of the newest games featured on Oculus Go is Poker VR. Poker card games have been a thing in virtual reality for a few years, but with the release of Poker VR, players can enjoy the excitement of poker from the comfort of their homes while also engaging in the social aspect of the game. The developmental team has focused on what makes Poker fun – seeing the sweat drop down the forehead of your friends as you play your Ace in the hole.

The game was developed by Mega Particle. It is available on multiple platforms with the option for cross-platform play. Meaning, you can play the same game of poker with from your Oculus Go with a friend who owns the HTC. To help integrate the social aspect of poker into the game, Mega Particles created a powerful avatar creator with over 1 Billion available customization options. That’s a lot of in-game items. Some items are hidden behind a paywall and only available as a digital download, but most are made available to you from the beginning or as an Unlockable.
Something that we haven’t seen until now in most multiplayer VR games is voice recognition. Your avatar can change facial expressions. Those changes are based on software built by Mega Particles especially for the Oculus Go launch. According to players, it’s possible to convey a certain. amount of body language, which as more experienced poker players will tell you is vital for the game.

Poker VR is available for free on the Oculus Go and other VR headsets. It’s the highest grossing free-to-play app on the virtual reality market with a rating of 5 and above.

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