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Skylight Review

Skylight contains three available game modes, Campaign, Skirmish, and Multiplayer. The first is the best place to start where you will quickly learn what ships do, in three levels of difficulty. You usually have an easier campaign in combat with Armada than the larger AI discount ships, so you should not have much difficulty. The mid-level campaign will match in terms of numbers, while the hardest campaign will always find you in an unfavorable position. Artificial intelligence does not seem to be more difficult in general, but wars of attrition are certainly not prudent at later levels. Skirmish, on the other hand, allows you to configure the battles you want.

specific quotas

Up to specific quotas (3 capitals, 12 standards) of ships, you can determine your opponents, again another good way to learn the finer points of the game. All this leads mainly to the multiplayer mode, which is the purest test of your skills and knows how to do it. You choose your team without being able to see your opponents and expect to choose wisely. All of these three modes can be standard video game prices, but for a virtual reality video game that is basically included, you can add many hours of play.
The entire video game is placed on the surface of a spaceship, where you play as a commander of the force commanded on a large 3D screen.

Are you a VR game specialist?

Since you are a VR game specialist, you cannot access the “battles”, you are always on the sidelines, but McNeill thought about it. While everything happens in front of you, scrolling up / down / left or right on the touchpad will maneuver the entire battlefield in the indicated direction to allow better visibility. It’s a great little addition that only helps the whole experience.

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