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Temple Run VR Review

If you’re not familiar with the original Temple Run, then you haven’t experienced the beginning of the endless runner genre. You’ll see a lot of knockoffs on mobile and pc, bit it’s Imangi Studio who first brought the game to life.

The VR version for the game was showcased in a demo some years ago. It looked beautiful and promising. Now, the final version seems to not have been touched at all; we got the demo version (albeit good looking) instead of a more finished product. Gone are the standard Leaderboards and High Scores so there is no way of knowing how well you did on any given stage. Gone are the upgrades that you can purchase at the end of every stage.
The gameplay simply consists of you running and running, until you can’t run anymore and beginning the same or another stage. In a way, the mobile version of the original Temple Run has more content than the VR version which is something we didn’t expect.

Besides the bare-bones gameplay, a lot of users have complained that they felt sick after playing the game for longer periods of time. We believe this is due to the fact that the game uses Velocity and Trajectory Blurring, meaning, it tilts the camera as of you were sprinting at 90 miles an hour. Because players don’t physically move while playing this cases nausea and headaches.

Overall, Temple Run VR had a promising start at the showcase floor, but its utter abandonment afterwards have made quality and player satisfaction drop drastically. The game has amazing graphics, but graphics alone can’t carry an empty shell of a game anymore  you need to include more content in order to stand out from the hundreds of clones. This game, does not.
You’re better off playing the In-App infested mobile version instead. At least that one won’t make you violently ill.

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