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Vtime Review

Taken straight from a science fiction movie, VTime is the answer to every business meeting or date: virtual reality.
Vtime stands for virtual time. When we say virtual time, we mean it. This ground-breaking app allows you to customize your avatar anyway you want and socialise with other users. Anywhere you want.
Imagine this: you meet that special someone. You guys talk and talk and then, because you are in different countries you can’t hang out together. Here comes VTime to the rescue. Take your sweetheart on a romantic date in France. You both will materialise sitting on a table with champagne by your side and the beauty of Paris all around you. Too clichè? How about a romantic getaway in space. Travel the cosmos from your living room and leave the Earth behind.

The backgrounds in Vtime are shot with a 360 camera and animated to simulate a real place. While the graphics aren’t realistic, they are without a question beautiful. You can look around using the Oculus visor. The way you move in real life will be reflected by your avatar in the app (so don’t ignore your date or they will know). The company has said that the app is perfect for business meeting as it can host several people at once or for couples in long distance relationships.

The app has been compared to the future of Facebook or an older online game called Second Life. You can imagine the appeal right? Why chat on Facebook when you can do the same thing via your headset and VTime and not move a muscle while you socialise with people.

Vtime might just be setting a precedent for future human communication. Could this app be used in schools and universities as well as in daily life? Would we ever need to leave our house to apply for a bank loan when we can literally meet the person on the other side via virtual reality? Only time will tell.

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