Ultrawings Review

Ultrawings is a game for the newest addition for the Oculus Go that hit the VR market recently. It features aerial combat similar to other bullet hell shooters with the slight exception that it’s all presented in virtual reality.

Ultrawings Review

The player uses their hands to control a virtual aircraft and battle various ships and enemies. The graphics are spectacular and current, taking full advantage of the Oculus Go’s fast processor. While its a port of the Oculus, Ultrawings adds some visual details to stand on its own.

There is a large variety of ships to choose from which can be customized and powered up further as the player progresses. The level design is good as well; sometimes it is too vibrant and colourful for its own good as a player might feel lost amidst all the moving objects.

The game isn’t a direct port of the Oculus version. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the Oculus Go allows for more dynamic movements and freedom of player interaction. Being free to explore the game world without getting tangled in cables really brings the best in this game. What we found slightly difficult to get behind is that while the fighting is fun, it’s not constant. There are long stretches of time where you are just exploring and looking at the pretty models. This makes it too much of a virtual museum tour for our liking. But if that’s not a problem for you, you might enjoy the more leisurely paced moments.


Overall the game is a nice addition to the Oculus Go. It costs only $9.99, which is reasonable for an enhanced remake. If you’re a fan of ships and aerial combat then you’ll have a few hours of fun. If you are looking for a more dynamic and tactics oriented game, then you might be better off with something else.

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