Rush Review


Ever wondered what it would feel like to fly unhindered through open blue skies? To hear the wind whistling in your ear as you dive? Oculus Go RUSH awards you the chance to experience high stakes diving in this blood pumping extreme sports with out of this world visuals. Oculus Go RUSH is a virtual reality (VR) wingsuit racing game which has unbelievably captured the very sensation of free falling at breakneck speeds through mountainous terrain and get this – with only a thin layer of fabric separating you and crisp mountain air.


What many gamers have thoroughly enjoyed and you would too, is the total immersive technology and finesse that has gone into the creation of this wingsuit racing VR game. You will experience, as you jump wearing your wingsuit from dizzying heights, day transitioning into night, rain turning into snow and even a furious thunderstorm. Oculus Go RUSH takes wingsuiting to an all new level in this challenging, immersive and exciting gameplay. Wingsuit diving has never been this challenging with objective driven, neck to neck races to get to checkpoints all while avoiding rivals, crashing into treacherous terrains, slamming into mountainsides or a hot air balloon floating by (let’s not forget those trees, fir by the looks of it). Race against other daredevils, unlock new levels and suits to keep you on your toes in this amazing VR experience.


This VR wingsuit racing sports title has been entertaining Samsung Gear VR users since its release in May 2017. Now it’s ready to take on Oculus Go users on their own personal diving and racing adventures. Developers of RUSH have received very positive feedback after the title has moved to the Oculus Go platform. This VR sports title was optimized specially for Oculus Go users by refining flight controls to maximize the use of the controllers.


Now, the only thing that could be improved on is probably the levels, it can be a tad bit repetitive which could, after a while, get monotonous. Hopefully, developers are listening to Oculus Go Rush players so that we could see some improvement in that aspect. Besides that, it is still a gorgeous gameplay. I’d rate it a cool 8 out of 10 because this sports title certainly lives up to the promise of its name – It will deliver the ultimate RUSH!

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