Virtual Virtual Reality Review

“We’re no longer in the realm of the touchpad but rather the trigger”, said the robot Chaz to the human. Oculus Go Virtual Virtual Reality is a virtual reality (VR) title that users have likened to feeling like Alice climbing down into the rabbit hole which was inceptualised and suddenly became the Matrix reloaded. This seemingly simple game starts off with a friendly vibe only to soon reveal darker undertones. Lovers of all eerie, mysterious black mirror-esque thrillers with a side of healthy comical satire can happily sink their teeth into this VR game.

The Creators

Virtual Virtual Reality or otherwise known as V-VR is a three-hour virtual reality game made by Danny Cannizzaro and Samantha Gorman. Samantha Gorman, a well-known game changer in the VR industry with over 15 years of experience was quoted saying that this game, in particular, was made to comment on the virtual reality industry. She wanted developers to be cautious while making games and to develop for long-term meaningful content. Virtual Virtual Reality was born out of that desire.

Put on your V-VR headsets

Now onto the gameplay! In the Oculus Go V-VR game, users are introduced to a world where robots rule supreme and fulfill most of the jobs. Human labor on the other hand takes on artisanal almost niche like qualities, which in the game, has monetary value. The startup company in this VR game is called Activitude. They offer human attendants to bored AI clients who are looking for human companionship.
So after a pretty brief period of training by a cycloptic robot named Chaz, you’re thrust into your first job. Chaz connects you to different clients by supplying you with, you guessed it, VR headsets. By now gamers are already thinking, Inception much?
Soon you meet your first client, a large block of butter telling you, “Indulge me, I want to be slathered on perfect crispness..”. A toaster on a shelf is already toasting a couple slices of bread which the human attendant is urged to stick on to the butter. Soon enough the butter is moaning, asking for a tad bit more of indulgence and 30 more toasters pop up on every surface available. Right enough, toast is burning, the butter is unhappy and you’re ejected out of the scene only to face your ever looming boss….Chaz.


Does it seem a little bit like Freaky Friday on steroids? Yes, it does. But, is it enjoyable? Yes, It absolutely is! There are over 50 different scenes to explore. Some scenes may cause the player to awe at the sheer beauty of it and others will make the player burst out in sudden laughter. Oculus Go Virtual Virtual reality is hailed as the best Daydream release by far. Coupled with Oculus Go, it’s truly a marvelous play. I rate it a sweet 9 out of 10. Now, what are you waiting for? Don’t just take my word for it, try it out yourself!

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