Drop Dead Review

Finally, what the virtual reality world has been waiting for is here, and gosh it’s beautiful in all its gory glory! You guessed it! A ZOMBIE Shooter Arcade style from the 90’s virtual reality game! Okay, so maybe you didn’t guess all of that, but let’s be real, a zombie horde first-person shooter game was begging to be released on the virtual reality platform. And we can thank Oculus Go for releasing this horror virtual reality (VR) title, Drop Dead. Even the name is enough to induce shivers of pure unadulterated excitement (or dread) at the thought of what this horror VR game will be like. Oculus Go Drop Dead players are certainly in for a treat, especially if you’re an arcade shooter game fan because the gameplay here is nostalgically reminiscent of that gaming style.

Slay! Slay! Slay!

Oculus Go Drop Dead players assume the identity of the last agent standing against the zombie apocalypse evil puppet master Dr.Monday. You’re tasked with defeating the zombie horde and diffusing the doc’s nefarious Zombombs. Players are armed to the teeth with an arsenal of weaponry and tech whizz gadgets like tech visors, charge pistols, fusion cannons and sticky grenades in this horror VR title. Coupled with first person POV arcade-style gameplay with the additional sweet option of playing with fellow agents in the horde survival mode, you will be in for an epic battle royale fiesta zombie style.


This isn’t for the faint of heart…no seriously it isn’t because the graphics, sound effects and jump scares might even give an experienced VR gamer a run for their money. Surprisingly though, Oculus Go Drop Dead storyline has startlingly more depth than what most would first assume. The plot explosion happens over time in numerous increasingly complex levels. So I rate this horror VR title a spooky 7 out of 10. The only thing that would mainly make me hesitate from rating it an 8 or 9 score is mainly because of the graphics. It’s comfortable, not that cutting edge with a Halloween-ish feel to it. Still, the frame rate is decent so players can enjoy a smooth and non-jarring experience. Zombie Shooter Game fans, you will not be disappointed at all if you choose to play Oculus Go Drop Dead. Go for it!

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