Wands Review

We’ve all wanted to have a taste of the magical world of Harry Potter, at least when we were younger. Cortopia and Oculus Go have finally made that possible!

Wands is an online multiplayer PvP game published in March, 2018, in which you face other players in magic duels very much resembling those from the franchise about the boy who lived. The experience is cross-platform as well, which means players using Oculus Go can duel players using other VR consoles – and that’s a very good idea to prevent the game from ‘dying’ by making you wait in queues for matches for ages, just because there aren’t enough players using the same console as you.

You put a spell on me

In Wands, you control a mysterious, hooded or masked wizard and go around with a couple of elementary spells, dueling anyone who crosses your path. As you progress through the matches, you gain experience and the ability to learn new spells – there are 26 unique offensive and defensive spells to choose from.

Aside from the multiplayer component, the game also has a survival mode practice tool and the option to hit a target dummy in an effort to hone your skills with the wand.

Another interesting feature, that might already be familiar to some from Mortal Kombat X, is interactive battlegrounds – you need to pay attention to your surroundings as well, not only to your opponent.

I put a spell on you

The fact that the automatically puts you in the ranked ladder once you hit level 10 sounds pretty scary, which is confirmed by new players, as the matchmaking system doesn’t really exist and they got paired up with high rank players, and that can’t possibly be an enjoyable experience for them. However, the game doesn’t seem to have a high learning curve, it just requires some time to level up and learn the spells so you can stand a chance in duels. We rate it 8/10.

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