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Drift Review

Drift is a unique experience from drift’s perspective that takes full advantage of the potential of virtual reality to offer a new and challenging game model. Enjoy very absorbing suspense scenes and, try to avoid obstacles until you find your objective. Take the challenge and travel through 15 unique environments of the main story, to unlock 6 hidden levels and endless situations.


press the start button, fire, the bullet came out of the barrel and was reduced to a bullet. Then you can control the bullet while crawling on the level looking where you want to go. move so fast so you could touch the trackpad to slow down, but that was limited, and when you left, the speed was full unless you could get a green gem to fill the slow meter. All this is in the final, except in the shot. On some levels, there is at least one person with a weapon, but not all. For example, in one, it looks like a pinball. Or, at least, you’re inside.
This is surprisingly good. You continue flying at a high-speed level, guiding your way through the aspect, and there are still many objects to function as you do. What has changed is a story. There was nothing to talk about in the game of traffic jams. Who is in the final game is a bit strange, a little mysterious and very entertaining.

Are you a Squirrel?

But whatever it is, you are trained in a program created by Doctor Kwon. The program is directed by a person called Walter, has a charming accent, and some comic lines that are beautifully played by a voice actor. After the first level, the basic level of education you would have played, Walter tells you not to be too proud because he is sure that the squirrel has completed the task in the past. Although it can be a trained squirrel. Since then, they know you as Mr. Squirrel. I’m not sure why. It is not clear if you are terrified or humiliated or maybe you are a squirrel. However, it does not matter. I really liked this name. It was funny.

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