Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR

Space table tennis in VR is something you never thought you wanted.

I need some space

From 10Ants, an indie dev studio, comes Racket Fury, an incredibly well done table tennis simulation for VR consoles, among them Oculus Go. Although they decided that the background visuals, such as arenas and audience, are too much for the portable HMD (head mounted device), floating in space while playing table tennis as a robot against another robot looks and feels pretty damn good. Keeping it simple is the best solution sometimes.

Another feature that didn’t get ported to the mobile version is multiplayer, and it’s still quite unclear why, so the players can only hope they’ll get a chance to face off against their friends in the future, or maybe even in online or cross-platform ‘matches’.

Despite the lack of multiplayer challenges, the game’s single player content is still well developed: there are four cups which you can complete, each with a different set of players who all have their own unique playstyle, which constantly forces you to change and adapt your own playstyle if you want to defeat them.

The physics of the game feel amazing and natural, partly due to the studio having had real table tennis players record it in motion capture technology, and partly due to particularly good tuning of the controllers in mobile versions, so it almost feels like you’re playing actual table tennis in real life.


Even if you’re not a fan of table tennis or sport simulations, it’s still worth a try at least, despite it being maybe a little expensive, compared to other mobile VR titles. 8/10.

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