Oculus Go Review

Oculus Go: technical specifications and features The first impression that the glasses transmit after taking them out of the box is really positive. I don’t think that the quality of the material is as good as the Oculus rift or the other VR’S out there, but is still really good. You can shape up the […]

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End space

End Space Review

Basically, you’re in deep space and you’re shooting stuff left, right and center. But…is that all there is to Oculus Go End Space? Well, that’s what I’m here to unveil. And to answer your question compadre, there is much much more than meets the eye in this indie-developed virtual reality (VR) title. Now, obviously, it

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Drop Dead Review

Finally, what the virtual reality world has been waiting for is here, and gosh it’s beautiful in all its gory glory! You guessed it! A ZOMBIE Shooter Arcade style from the 90’s virtual reality game! Okay, so maybe you didn’t guess all of that, but let’s be real, a zombie horde first-person shooter game was

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Rush Review

  Ever wondered what it would feel like to fly unhindered through open blue skies? To hear the wind whistling in your ear as you dive? Oculus Go RUSH awards you the chance to experience high stakes diving in this blood pumping extreme sports with out of this world visuals. Oculus Go RUSH is a

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Ultrawings Review

Ultrawings is a game for the newest addition for the Oculus Go that hit the VR market recently. It features aerial combat similar to other bullet hell shooters with the slight exception that it’s all presented in virtual reality. The player uses their hands to control a virtual aircraft and battle various ships and enemies.

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Wands Review

We’ve all wanted to have a taste of the magical world of Harry Potter, at least when we were younger. Cortopia and Oculus Go have finally made that possible! Wands is an online multiplayer PvP game published in March, 2018, in which you face other players in magic duels very much resembling those from the

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